Mandala Monday 015

#mandala #monday #timelapse Nov 15, 2021

Hey Friend!


Thanksgiving is approaching & I’m thinking about my MawMaw’s kitchen, vintage serving plates & hand-crocheted pot holders.  Mauve & wine & mustard & salmon &… BEIGE???  For real??


It’s been a reallllly long time since I had Thanksgiving with MawMaw, and way too long since I had any kind of holiday with my Momma, but I’ll tell you, the sweetest Thanksgiving I’ve had in a while was at my cousin Murray’s house.  She always says she lives in the ugliest house in town  but that’s not quite true.  I know of at least one house that’s uglier, but I don’t want to be one to point fingers.  OK, so the outside is, well, yeah, but guess what??? 

Once you step through those awkward mid century doors, all bets are off.  No kidding, it’s a wonderland in there…so much art, so many antiques, and photos, and books, and art, and quilts, and a cuckoo clock, and a glass jar with teaspoons at the ready, and a totally groovy kitchen, and a big ol’ buffet, and did I mention art?  Oh, and the courtyard… well that’s a story for another day but let’s just say it’s magical. 


So many things to be thankful for.  I hope you take a moment to look around, find something beautiful, or weird, or quirky and just be thankful for it. 

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