Mandala Monday 016

#mandala #monday Nov 22, 2021

Hey Friend!

Well, with holidays & family & memories on my mind, I created this mandala in honor of my Big Momma.  This one reminds me of seeing crocheted doilies at her house.  Of course, hers were all kind of a white/off white color, but I have so many colors in my mind from then & there that I just had to put them out there for you to see. 

The greens & browns are the Three Sisters that stood watch at the edge of her property – well, that’s who they were to me, but I imagine that everybody else called them trees.  There was a dogwood, a magnolia, & a holly tree, all clumped together with branches that hung low enough to create a cozy hideaway that was always cool & damp, away from the hot summer sun & the biting winter wind. 

The blue is the East Texas sky over the railroad tracks that ran through town.  The orange & pink are the hard candies that she always had in the cut glass jar with the silver lid & handle on the tiny table in the hall.

I was sure lucky to have her.  I hope I can be the old lady with the big hugs & the hard candy treats someday.

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