Mandala Monday 047

#digitalart #mandala #procreate #summer Jun 27, 2022

Hey Friend!

What says summertime more than watermelon? 

What do you remember when you eat watermelon?  I remember my dad setting up a picnic table on the gravel driveway next to my grandmother’s house & covering it with newspaper for all the cousins to gather round… the big butcher knife he used to cut a big, green, striped blimp into triangles just the right size for sticky little hands…the sound of that ripe melon cracking open at the first touch…the smell that was a little bit sweat, a little bit sugar, & a little bit fresh-cut grass…and I remember the feel of cool, clean water from the garden hose rinsing off kids, table & driveway afterwards.

I’d love to hear what watermelon means to you!

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