Watercolor Wednesday 021

#timelapse #watercolor #wednesday Dec 29, 2021

Hey Friend!

What do you do to celebrate a new year?  I’m of the mind that every morning begins a new day AND a new year, so December 31 is just like February 16, or August 11 or…. you get the picture.  So even though I’m not really into New Year’s Eve bashes, I do like kissing at midnight & I love a good party hat.  Here’s to you, and celebrations & confetti! 

If you’d like to paint your own party hat, click the blue button to join the “Watercolor Wednesdays Club”.  I release a new design every Wednesday.  They’re small, & simple, & best of all – they’re FREE!

Happy Painting!



“Live Life Creative”

Music Credit – https://www.purple-planet.com