Watercolor Wednesday 042

#watercolor May 25, 2022
watercolor flower

Hey Friend!

Come paint with me!

I don't always have time for a full blown "Art Retreat" in my daily schedule, but I do constantly seek ways to incorporate creativity into my waking hours.  Some days it's a feast, some days... well, it's more of a snack. 

So, I set myself this challenge:

  1. Make one mini watercolor painting per week in 10 minutes or less.
  2. For at least those 10 minutes, breathe deep, think free, feel joy.
  3. Share the experience.

And that's how "Watercolor Wednesday" (my version of it, anyway) was born.  Ah, if only every birthing experience was so simple.

I'm not only sharing MY experience though!  I want you to join me.  Click the BLUE button to join the club.  It's FREE.  I'll share my pattern with you & you can paint along.  You don't have to buy expensive art supplies.  Some of the paintings I share here were made with left over school paints, and MOST are made on scrap (watercolor) paper.

I'd love to have you join me.  The more the merrier!



"Live Life Creative."


Music:  Pixabay